Lowcountry Highlights: Hoffman Law Firm Proudly Supports the Footlight Players

Lowcountry living is far from boring, with countless events on the calendar no matter the season. From local theater productions to cultural festivals, there’s something to satisfy every preference. It’s no wonder Charleston continues to attract new residents and tourists! Hoffman Law Firm was founded by David Hoffman, a South Carolina native and proud Charleston … Continued

Pretty in Pink: Hoffman Law Firm Creates Awareness for Breast Cancer 2021

Every October, the columns of Hoffman Law Firm become powerful symbols of awareness, prevention and most of all, hope. By painting our columns pink, the firm hopes to not only honor the lives lost to breast cancer, but celebrate survivors and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. Be sure to take a look as you’re traveling down … Continued

A Sponsorship Worthy of the Spotlight

Hoffman Law Firm is proud to support local organizations that are making an impact here in our community – like the Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre. Founded on the belief that every child has talent that’s waiting to be awakened, Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre gives students the opportunity to develop their acting, singing and … Continued

Hoffman Law Firm Serving You & Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

Stopping the spread of covid, this effort is going to be on all of course including the Hoffman Law Firm team. As businesses begin to reopen and families venture beyond their block, Hoffman Law Firm continues to put your safety first. We’re committed to not only providing great legal assistance for your personal injury but … Continued

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