What Are High Risk Jobs For COVID-19?

The pandemic put countless employees at risk, requiring many workers to take serious precautions. Some, of course, continue to face dangerous conditions in the workplace – especially employees whose job duties require contact with infected patients. Indeed, some hard workers unfortunately have to roll the dice as they work in high risk jobs for covid. Read … Continued

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Federal Employees Who Get COVID-19? | COVID-19 & Workers’ Comp in 2022

While the pandemic affected every area of life, the American workforce experienced major shifts – with new protocols and updated legislature shaping the way we work. There has been some confusion involving Workers’ Compensation eligibility for employees infected with COVID-19, especially federal employees. Hoffman Law Firm is here to help, answering some common questions below. … Continued

What If I Get COVID-19 at Work? | COVID-19 & Workers’ Comp in 2022

Workers’ Compensation offers assistance to employees who suffer illness or injury as a result of their job. The pandemic kept countless workers at home, leaving many wondering if they can file a Workers’ Comp claim for contracting COVID-19 at their workplace. Read on to learn more about South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation laws, and how these … Continued

Pandemic Year Sees Increase in Fatal Car Accidents

With many drivers stuck inside during the pandemic, you would think most states would have reported a significant decrease in car crashes., less fatal car accidents. Fewer cars on the road means fewer traffic fatalities, right? Think again. Despite the decrease in miles driven, the number of car crash deaths increased. In fact, the National … Continued

Exposure to Coronavirus in Nursing Homes in Charleston

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. While no one is immune to its impacts, the elderly population is particularly vulnerable. This puts nursing home residents and those living in long-term care facilities at a great risk – and with family members unable to visit, elder abuse or nursing home neglect here … Continued

Hoffman Law Firm Serving You & Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

Stopping the spread of covid, this effort is going to be on all of course including the Hoffman Law Firm team. As businesses begin to reopen and families venture beyond their block, Hoffman Law Firm continues to put your safety first. We’re committed to not only providing great legal assistance for your personal injury but … Continued

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