What Injury Risks Does A Longshoreman (Dock Worker) Face On The Job?

On-the-job injuries are common among local maritime workers, with hazardous workplace conditions putting them at risk. Longshoremen, shipbuilders, stevedores and shipbreakers face numerous threats each day as they load and unload cargo, repair large vessels and keep the supply chain running smoothly. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act protects those who labor on docks … Continued

The Longshore Act 905(b) Claim: Vessel Negligence

The Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act provides benefits for maritime workers injured on the job – including much-needed compensation for medical care and lost wages. The Longshore Act protects you. In cases where severe injuries keep you from returning to work, maritime injury victims may be eligible to file a 905b claim in addition to … Continued

3 Tips for Filing A Longshoreman Workers’ Compensation Claim 

For maritime workers injured on the job, seeking compensation can seem like another obstacle to overcome on the path to recovery. Trust Hoffman Law Firm, for tips filing a longshoreman claim with our your skilled Charleston longshoreman injury attorneys. We are ready to fight for you. When the rising tide of medical bills overwhelms you. … Continued

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