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Motorcycles are a convenient mode of transportation, but for many, they’re so much more. Being a motorcycle rider is often less about reaching your destination and more about enjoying the ride. But if your long ride gets cut short when you are hurt on your bike, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side.

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Why Choose Hoffman Law Firm to Manage Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Hoffman Law Firm can help. Our South Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys have extensive experience. We have a successful history of handling South Carolina motorcycle accidents and motorcyclists' legal claims. And, we’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve – so you can get healthy and get back on the road.

Trust our team to handle your motorcycle accident claim and communicate with the insurance company. We offer accident injury victims trusted legal advice and legal representation to protect your rights and get you justice. Our Charleston motorcycle accident attorneys will also provide legal advice from a local perspective, starting with a free consultation.

Types of Compensation Recovered for Motorcycle Accident

After you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, Hoffman Law Firm’s first priority is getting you the medical care you need. Bike repairs can wait – but your injuries cannot.

Once you’re on the road to recovery, we’ll discuss your insurance claim to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. While benefits vary depending on your motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing medical treatment (physical therapy, etc)
  • Lost wages
  • Motorcycle repairs
  • Pain and suffering

At Hoffman Law Firm, our local lawyers have a proven track record of helping motorcyclists after their auto wreck. So, schedule a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer near me at Hoffman Law Firm, we can help determine the value of your accident claim today.

Common Motorcyclist Accident Injuries & How to Avoid Them

Motorcycle crashes can result in a wide range of injuries, spanning the spectrum from mild to severe. Here are some common injuries that motorcyclists suffer:

  • Road rash
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Facial fractures

While not always avoidable, many common injuries can be prevented by adopting some basic best practices.

  • Always wear a helmet. Face shields or protective eye gear are also recommended.
  • Wear long pants/sleeves made of a durable material, such as leather. Also, wear gloves and boots.
  • Never ride while under the influence.
  • Drive defensively, always keeping an eye out for distracted drivers.
  • Avoid reckless behavior, such as speeding or lane splitting.
  • Check the forecast first to prevent getting caught in inclement weather or low visibility situations.
  • Prevent sit bone saddle sores on long rides by using chamois cream.
  • Consult an expert at a bike shop to ensure proper bike fit.
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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are several causes that can lead to a motorcycle crash. In addition to the factors listed below, it is important to remember that motorcycles are, by design, less stable and offer less coverage than other motor vehicles.

This puts motorcycle riders at an instant disadvantage, leaving them vulnerable to errors made by other drivers. As they share the road with other motor vehicles, motorcycle riders must beware of the following common accident causes:

Many motorcycle accidents occur when a driver turns left across traffic. As a matter of fact, left turns routinely lead to accidents among all motor vehicles. Because their size limits visibility, motorcycles put riders at a higher risk. That's why it is incredibly important for both motorcyclists and drivers to exercise extreme caution when turning left – especially on busy roads.

While they should always remain aware of the vehicles surrounding them, many drivers fail to see motorcyclists in their blind spots. In these instances, the simple act of changing lanes could result in a devastating accident – and a seriously injured motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders must drive defensively and assume that motorists do not see them in the next lane.

Aggressive driving, by either motorists or motorcyclists, can cause a potentially deadly collision. Aggressive driving typically involves reckless road maneuvers and speeding, and puts everyone on the road at risk. Whether changing lanes unexpectedly, tailgating, or exhibiting road rage, aggressive driving should be avoided at all costs.

Lane splitting is one cause of accidents that applies solely to motorcycle riders. It involves the motorcyclist riding between two lanes of traffic, often when other vehicles have stopped or slowed down. While illegal in many states, lane splitting is a common practice of motorcyclists in a hurry. But as traffic increases, so do the odds that motorists will fail to notice motorcycle riders splitting the lane.

Inclement weather can turn a joyride into a nightmare, causing countless accidents each year. Rain, snow, ice, and sleet cause slippery road conditions and make it all too easy for tires to lose traction. Whether driving a motor vehicle or riding a motorcycle, the personal injury lawyers at Hoffman Law Firm recommend checking the weather forecast before hitting the road.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Tips: The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

While it is universally accepted that wearing a helmet is a safe practice, many motorcycle riders have argued for years that helmet use decreases rider vision and increases neck injuries. It is time to separate opinion from fact.

According to, research proves that motorcycle helmets do indeed prevent head and neck injuries. The data, pulled from sixty-one observational studies, revealed that wearing a helmet reduced the risk of death and head injury in motorcyclists who crashed. Results were consistent regardless of methodology, but in the four highest-quality studies, the simple act of wearing a helmet was estimated to reduce the risk of death by an astounding 42%.

Simply put, motorcycle riders are undoubtedly safer riding with a helmet.

While South Carolina does not have a universal helmet law, the personal injury lawyers at Hoffman Law Firm are passionate advocates for helmet use – and the data clearly backs them up! In fact, 66% of motorcycle accident victims involved in a fatal crash were not wearing a helmet, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (2017). Furthermore, 59% of people who suffered non-fatal injuries while riding a motorcycle also failed to wear a helmet.

For more safety tips, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at your trusted Charleston law firm!

What is the Top Incident Resulting in Accidents for Motorcyclists? Distracted Driving

Common Types of Distracted Driving That Can Cause a Motorcycle Crash

Cell phone use has become the most common cause of motorcycle and car crashes. With more and more distractions luring drivers’ attention away from the road ahead, it’s no surprise that wrecks are the result. Other distractions include drinking and eating, having a conversation, doing makeup, and using GPS/navigation devices.

As daily life becomes busier and technology continues to advance, the amount of distraction is not likely to decrease. But there are some ways to remedy the situation. Committing to safer driving is a start. Drivers need to stay focused on the road, keep hands on the wheel and remain aware of their surroundings. This will greatly benefit motorcycle riders whose lack of protection puts them at a greater risk in the event of a crash.

Plus, many car drivers have their own issues with motorcycle riders, citing the following as reasons for an accident:

A motorcycle’s smaller size makes it easy for a careless driver to miss – especially in a blind spot. This is compounded by the fact that motorcycle riders often respond differently when road or weather conditions suddenly change. In these cases, by the time that the driver spots the motorcycle, it is too late. Regardless, none of these factors excuse a driver’s liability. The driver would still be legally responsible for causing the accident, assuming their actions were unreasonable or unsafe.

Speeding reduces a driver's reaction time, giving them fewer precious seconds to avoid a wreck. In fact, about 25% of traffic fatalities in the U.S. each year involve speeding. Even if drivers are not traveling over the speed limit, they may still be going faster than current road conditions warrant. For instance, driving the speed limit in a heavy storm or on icy roads could still result in a deadly accident.

Alcohol consumption is another factor that reduces a driver's awareness, slows reaction times, and puts others at risk. Drunk drivers not only lack the concentration needed to remain focused, but the capacity to make sound decisions behind the wheel. Car drivers also put motorcycle riders in danger when they fail to get the proper amount of rest. Studies show that driving after being awake for 20 hours has the same effect as driving with a 0.08 blood alcohol level (what the law considers too intoxicated to drive). Drowsy driving occurs most frequently between midnight and 6am.

When it comes to endangering motorcycle riders, semi trucks are in a category all their own. Their enormous size and weight, even when maneuvered by the most experienced hands, poses a major threat. It is often virtually impossible for truck drivers to see motorcycle riders. Even a car driver's evasive maneuver can spell disaster for a motorcyclist, if the car must swerve into another lane to avoid a semi truck.

Another common cause of car-motorcycle collisions is that automobile drivers fail to yield the right-of-way when required. This makes intersections the most dangerous places for motorcyclists. With drivers focused on their turn, they often fail to scan their surroundings – or downright refuse to yield to a motorcyclist. While the law requires drivers to check that no oncoming motorcycle riders are present before turning, many ignore this precaution.

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