Are Motorcycle Accidents Increasing in South Carolina?

Warmer states like the one we call home offer plenty of opportunity for motorcyclists to enjoy the open road. But states with climates conducive for riding are also ones with the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities. In fact, motorcycle crashes in South Carolina increased 33% from 2020 to 2021 – with many accidents resulting in death. 

While vehicles have protective barriers to keep drivers safe, motorcycles lack these features. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles also make their riders less visible, and therefore, more vulnerable. That’s why the most common cause of accidents is drivers’ failure to detect a motorcycle near them on the road.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in the Charleston, South Carolina area:

  • Distracted and reckless driving
    The most common cause of motorcycle and car accidents, distracted driving is a major problem on our roadways. Reckless driving (speeding, tailgating, etc) is another serious concern, especially among speed/sport bike drivers who lose control when driving at excessively high speeds.
  • Motorcycle lane splitting 
    Lane splitting, the term used to describe motorcyclists driving between two lanes of slowed vehicles, is often seen during traffic jams or rush hour delays. Lane splitting can easily cause an accident because the motorcycle passes so close to the other vehicles around it, with virtually no space to maneuver. That is why lane splitting is illegal in South Carolina. 
  • Making a left turn
    You may be surprised to learn that a significant number of accidents occur when a motorcycle or another vehicle makes a left turn. In some instances, car drivers fail to see the motorcycle’s turn signal. In other cases, motorists collide with a motorcycle that was in their blind spot.
  • Hazardous road conditions
    Because motorcycles are smaller, lighter and less stable than cars or trucks, they are more vulnerable to unsafe road conditions. Slippery surfaces, potholes, debris and loose gravel can all turn a leisurely drive into a fatal accident – and Charleston, SC drivers know that our local (and often poorly maintained) roads can be particularly dangerous. 
  • Alcohol use
    Driving while under the influences of alcohol is extremely dangerous, and is another major contributing factor in many fatal motorcycle accidents. Whether you are operating a motorcycle or other motor vehicle, never drink and drive. 

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