Taming the Flames: Car Accident Burn Injuries and Seeking Compensation

It only takes one moment – a quick glance at your phone, a slight turn of the volume – to change an easygoing car ride into a devastating event. Car accidents can leave behind a trail of physical and psychological scars felt long after the accident has passed. Among the most common – and lesser-known … Continued

Lowcountry Highlights: Hoffman Law Firm Proudly Supports the Footlight Players

Lowcountry living is far from boring, with countless events on the calendar no matter the season. From local theater productions to cultural festivals, there’s something to satisfy every preference. It’s no wonder Charleston continues to attract new residents and tourists! Hoffman Law Firm was founded by David Hoffman, a South Carolina native and proud Charleston … Continued

I Was Injured at Work, But My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance. What Do I Do?

On-the-job accidents can range in severity, not only impacting an employee’s future, but their finances too. Whether you suffered a serious fall off a ladder when stocking shelves or jammed a finger on a cash register, you’re likely eligible to file a Workers’ Compensation claim.  Workers’ Compensation insurance covers an employee’s work-related injury, illness, or … Continued

Am I Covered for Workers’ Compensation as an Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors are as diverse as the fish in the sea. From dog walkers to technology analysts, working as an independent contractor continues to rise. But what happens if you get injured on a work-related assignment?  Workers’ compensation has been a gratuity to those with full-time employment and benefits, but how far is its reach … Continued

I Had a Slip and Fall Accident at an AirBnB…What Happens Now?

Vacations are the ideal time to rest, relax, and recharge away from the routines of daily life – until an unexpected slip-and-fall accident hinders your plans. But what happens when the slip and fall occurs while staying at an AirBnB?  AirBnB rentals have become a popular online service that provides short-term stays rented out by … Continued

Just Breathe: Chest Injuries After a Car Accident

It comes as no surprise that a car accident can be one of the most distressing moments in your life – and one that every driver wishes to avoid. Unfortunately, car accidents are more than just numerous calls with your insurance provider and coordinating car repairs – they can often come with serious injuries. Over … Continued

What Should I Do in a Car Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

Being in a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences you may encounter… It can also be one of the most frustrating. Navigating the moments after a car accident is scary, especially if you are injured in the process.  But what happens when you go to trade insurance information with the driver … Continued

Mount Pleasant High School Student Struck by Vehicle Raises Safety Concerns

A high school student in Mount Pleasant ended his Friday evening with pitching practice, a few home runs, and an unexpected fractured femur after being struck by a vehicle.  A Lucy Beckham High School baseball player was leaving practice on March 1 when he was hit by a vehicle while in the Whipple Road crosswalk, … Continued

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