Car and Truck Accidents

Reclaim Your Life After An Accident

A car or truck accident can dramatically impact your life, resulting in serious injuries or significant damage to property. But a crash doesn’t have to wreck your future. Whether you are involved in a car accident, truck accident, ATV accident or boating accident in South Carolina, Hoffman Law Firm has the experience necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our Charleston-based attorneys have a thorough understanding of South Carolina law and its specific effects on each case – which is why it’s crucial to contact Hoffman Law Firm before speaking to an insurance adjuster. The insurance company has its bottom line in mind, but our accident attorneys have your best interests at heart.

These statistics, for South Carolina alone, prove that car accidents are alarmingly common.*

  • One fatal collision every 9.5 hours
  • One person injured every 8.7 minutes
  • One person killed in a DUI collision (.08+) every 28 hours
  • One teen driver involved in a fatal or injury collision every 1.3 hours
  • One bicyclist killed every 21.5 days
  • One motorcyclist killed every 3.1 days
  • One pedestrian killed every 2.3 days
  • One person injured in a collision every 13.3 minutes

Following a car or truck accident in Charleston, SC or elsewhere in the state of South Carolina, certain mistakes are just as common. To get your future back on track, Hoffman Law Firm can help you avoid the wrong turns that often prevent car and truck accident victims from collecting the damages they’re entitled to.

Wrecks involving commercial trucks can be especially complicated, with specific rules adding potential bumps along your road to compensation. It’ll take an experienced truck accident attorney to help you navigate the process, so again, be sure to contact Hoffman Law Firm in Charleston, SC before your insurance company.

If you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury from a car or truck accident here in South Carolina, call Hoffman Law Firm today. We’re ready to help guide you through the days ahead, dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve.

*Source: South Carolina Department of Public Safety, 2017 Study

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