I Had a Slip and Fall Accident at an AirBnB…What Happens Now?

Vacations are the ideal time to rest, relax, and recharge away from the routines of daily life – until an unexpected slip-and-fall accident hinders your plans. But what happens when the slip and fall occurs while staying at an AirBnB?  AirBnB rentals have become a popular online service that provides short-term stays rented out by … Continued

Business or Pleasure? Hotel Hazards and Your Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to finding a vacation stay that perfectly balances Southern hospitality and historic charm, the hotels in Charleston, South Carolina exceed even the greatest of expectations. Unfortunately, not every vacation goes off without a hitch.  Accidents can happen anywhere, even on vacation. But what happens if a bad case of bed bugs or … Continued

Slips, Trips, and Spinal Cord Injuries

While some slips and trips leave nothing more than a scrape or bruise, others may result in serious injuries, including permanent damage to the spinal cord. In fact, slips and falls are among the leading causes of spinal cord injuries, increasing from 17% in the 1970s to 31% from 2010 to 2013.  An everyday incident … Continued

Sprains and Strains: Recovering Compensation from a Slip and Fall Injury

A slip and fall accident can occur nearly anywhere, often resulting from unsafe or poorly maintained conditions. It’s likely no surprise that these types of accidents are some of the most common. Injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to more serious sprains and strains, and can require medical treatment. Getting the care you need, … Continued

A Friendly Fall: Recovering Damages After Falling on a Residential Property

An ordinary day can quickly become a disaster, with a slip and fall on a friend’s property causing a fun afternoon to take a serious turn. An unexpected fall may require a lengthy recovery, from both the physical injuries and the financial toll. What are my options after a fall on residential property? Let’s examine. If … Continued

Back to the Basics: Slips, Trips, and Falls 

Whether you are strolling over to a neighbor’s house for a morning coffee or simply walking into the conference room for a staff meeting, even the smallest hazard can cause a major accident – and a potentially life-changing injury. A slip, trip, and fall can occur anywhere, at any time. In fact, falls account for … Continued

What Can I Do to Get Evidence to Prove My Slip and Fall Case?

A slip and fall accident can cause injuries that interrupt your daily life and work, resulting in pain, suffering, and financial hardship. If you slipped on a wet surface at work or tripped over a hazard left out in a store, you may be wondering how complicated is proving a slip and fall accident took … Continued

Who is Responsible for Your Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you may think, often a direct result of a property owner’s negligence. If you have been injured in a slip and fall, you may be entitled to compensation. Yet for slip & fall liability, who is responsible? Here are a few things for injury victims to consider: Where … Continued

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