Maserati Crashes into Deli in Downtown Charleston Early Tuesday Morning

A car accident early Tuesday morning on 2/13 left one sandwich shop owner without an entryway – unless customers wanted to walk through what’s left of the front door and window-lined entrance to place an order.  Anthony Marini, owner of The Pass sandwich shop in downtown Charleston, SC, awoke around 3:30 a.m. on February 13 … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Headache After a Car Accident

While we don’t often seek medical attention when a headache arises, car accident headaches are a different story. Considered one of the most debilitating injuries, headaches can develop anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks after an accident – and can be a sign of a more serious injury.  A headache after a … Continued

The Increased Danger of Car Accidents in Congested Traffic

The early morning commute can bring out the worst in drivers, especially those having to wade through the congested traffic and bad local roads in Charleston, SC. Ranked as the second most unsafe state for drivers in the US, South Carolina roadways are a prime place for car accidents.  From the road rage that comes … Continued

What To Do If You’ve Been in An Accident Caused By A Drowsy Driver

There are plenty of drowsy drivers on the road each day, each taking a major risk each time they get behind the wheel. From overnight shift workers to new parents, insufficient sleep puts plenty of people at risk. And it goes without saying why encountering a drowsy driver is risky. According to the National Highway … Continued

When Airbags Deploy: Airbag Injuries After a Car Accident

Designed to save lives in a collision, airbags are a key safety feature on today’s vehicles. In some instances though, airbags cause serious injuries – and in the worst cases, death. So, what can I do if I suffer airbag injuries? Let’s examine. Victims of airbag injuries have a right to compensation, regardless of whether or … Continued

The Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are all the rage these days, but many are unaware of the risks and liabilities that come with this futuristic feature. Self-driving technology is designed for safety and convenience, but it’s not always foolproof. With technology advancing more and more every day, it’s important to know who is liable when these high-tech features … Continued

Is it OK to Leave the Scene of a Car Accident Even If No One Was Injured?

Even minor car accidents can be a major inconvenience. It may be tempting to leave scene of car accident if there appears to be no injuries involved, you should not. It is important to remain in place until the authorities arrive. Hoffman Law Firm explains.  Read on to learn more. Why You Should NEVER Leave … Continued

Intersection Etiquette: What to Do When Traffic Lights Go Out

If a traffic light is broken, what should a driver do? A malfunctioning traffic light can wreak havoc on daily commuters just trying to get home. Traffic light outages can be due to inclement weather, a car accident, or a mechanical malfunction. In the event that you approach a traffic light that is out, it’s … Continued

Hydroplaning Car Accident: Who Is at Fault?

Inclement weather conditions can make driving a challenge. From heavy rain to icy roadways, the forecast can have a serious impact on travel. In fact, 70% of weather-related wrecks, such as hydroplaning car accidents, occur on wet pavement. Read on to learn more, and if you have been involved in a hydroplaning car accident, contact … Continued

Road Rage and Car Accidents: The Danger of Anger

Road rage has affected nearly every driver – sometimes expressed by a frustrated horn honk, tailgating, or deliberate brake checking. While it may seem harmless, allowing anger to impact your driving can have deadly impacts, especially when aggression leads you to take risks you normally wouldn’t.  Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers … Continued

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