Crossing the Finish Line to Compensation: What to Do If You Were Injured During a Marathon

Completing a 26-mile marathon is a major achievement – one that many runners aspire to. A race of that caliber requires incredible endurance and countless hours of training, with runners often pushing their bodies to the limit as they log more and more miles. This puts runners at risk for potential injury, sometimes due to the negligence of another party. 

While getting ready for a marathon involves serious training, just as much careful preparation goes into organizing the event itself. Who’s responsible for participant safety? What happens if a safety hazard leads to an injury? 

Seeking justice is our top priority at Hoffman Law Firm. Our highly qualified personal injury attorneys seek compensation for injury victims throughout the Lowcountry, freeing you to focus on what matters most: your recovery.

Keep reading to learn more about marathon participant safety and to find out how to secure compensation for an injury. 

Who’s Responsible for the Runners’ Safety? 

Organizing running events, from marathons to 5Ks, requires consideration for the runners’ safety. In the event of an injury, a few different parties may be to blame. Race owners, for instance, could be held liable if they failed to maintain safe conditions.

Areas of runner safety – and potential injury – may include the following: 

Medical Support 

Because marathons can test the physical limits of experienced and amateur runners alike, loss of consciousness along the race route may occur. Lack of first aid stations and insufficient medical personnel could lead to a severe injury and require the help of a Charleston personal injury lawyer. 

Course Safety 

Highways and roadways in major cities often become the backdrop for big races. Failure to warn participants of road hazards, like potholes or close proximity to moving vehicles, may result in a liability suit. 

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can make or break a race. Extreme heat, severe thunderstorms, and freezing temperatures could delay a race or even cause its cancellation. If organizers fail to plan for inclement weather conditions, it could lead to a slip and fall injury, heat exhaustion, or other health conditions. 

If You’ve Been Injured, Who’s Held Liable? 

“Duty of care” is an unspoken legal obligation of every individual to act in a way that doesn’t endanger others around them. When someone acts recklessly or intentionally ignores safety measures, that person can be held liable if an injury occurs. 

Organizers have a duty to provide a safe environment for all participants during a marathon. While injuries during a marathon cannot be completely avoided, if negligence was to blame, you may be eligible for compensation.

Before a victim can pursue a claim, a personal injury lawyer near you will need to prove a few key elements: 

  • The at-fault person was acting negligently. This means that there was a clear disregard for the safety of those involved, such as failing to post signs of a pothole on the race route.
  • The victim was injured. There must be a clear indication of an injury, such as a broken arm or a sprained ankle.
  • The injury was a direct result of the at-fault party’s negligence. Did failure to indicate a pothole cause a runner to suffer a slip and fall? 
  • The victim suffered damages due to their injuries. This would be considered the financial damages endured from seeking treatment, such as a medical bill.

Proving all four of these elements can be challenging on your own, but having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side can help you cross the finish line toward compensation. 

Most Common Types of Marathon Injuries 

Marathon runners are no strangers to injuries, ranging from minor shin splints to persistent runner’s knee pain. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, the fault may lie with someone else. 

Here are the most common marathon accidents that may result in an injury: 

  • Tripping and falling on cracked or broken pavement 
  • Stumbling on a pothole
  • Heat exhaustion/weather-related incident 
  • Injury from sharing a roadway with vehicles 

If you believe your injury was a result of another party’s negligence, contact our personal injury law firm to schedule a free consultation. 

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