Is it Possible to Reopen a Personal Injury Case in South Carolina?

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Many unsatisfied individuals have asked “Can my old personal injury case be reopened?” Well, simply put the answer is NO.

A personal injury case cannot be reopened after a settlement has been reached. Because your settlement agreement is a legally binding document, once you have signed the release of liability, you are no longer able to pursue additional compensation.

That is why it is best to consult a Charleston personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement or signing any legal documents. In rare instances, some exceptions may exist that allow your case to be reopened, and your attorney can help you consider your options.

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Release of Liability Explained 

Once you have accepted a settlement, your agreement will likely include a release of liability. This document essentially frees the defendant from any future liability. To put it simply, that means that as long as the liable party holds up their end of the bargain and pays the agreed-upon amount, they cannot be sued in the future. Many insurance companies will not release payment until the release of liability has been signed.

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