Maximizing Your Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been hurt in an accident or injured at work, it’s crucial to find a personal injury lawyer you trust. They will work hard to secure the accident damages you deserve, offering legal representation along with helpful guidance.

But you can help your attorney maximize compensation for your injury by following some simple steps. After serving countless accident victims in the Charleston, South Carolina area, our team here at Hoffman Law Firm has compiled this list.

Tips to Increase Your Case’s Earning Capacity

  1. Document everything carefully.
    After your accident, take photos of the scene – and if there are witnesses present, get their contact information as well. Keep every document, from police reports and workers’ comp paperwork to medical files and doctor’s bills. These documents may be used to hold the negligent party accountable, especially in wrongful death cases.
  2. Receive medical treatment.
    This step is important in filing an injury claim. Many car accident injuries don’t feel that serious immediately after the wreck, but it’s critical to see a doctor as soon as possible. The same applies to workers’ comp cases if you’ve been injured on the job. A minor ache or pain could turn into a serious issue down the road.
  3. Accurately evaluate your accident damages.
    Make sure your doctor documents the continuing care you’ll need, such as physical or occupational therapy. Maximum compensation includes care you’ll need in the future, and this documentation is important to your personal injury case.
  4. Talk to your attorney – not the insurance company.
    While it may seem that they’re trying to help, insurance companies often put profit before people. After a wreck, don’t be surprised if the insurance agent calls quickly for a statement. Refer them to your car accident lawyer and let them handle all communications.
  5. Don’t agree to an unfair settlement offer.
    Trust your accident lawyer when it comes to accepting a settlement offer for your personal injury claim. You may be tempted to settle for less than maximum compensation, but your personal injury attorney knows best. They can help you formally reject the settlement offer and explain your reasoning to the negligent party.
  6. Avoid using social media.
    While social media is a great platform for keeping connected, your usage could be used against you – and could decrease your personal injury claim’s earning capacity. When your family’s future is on the line, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Your Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers

At Hoffman Law Firm, our experienced team is committed to getting maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. We work closely with clients in Charleston, South Carolina, keeping communication open every step of the way as we pursue the justice you deserve.

Our accident lawyers will do the heavy lifting, but you play an important role, too. Following the steps outlined above can increase the earning capacity of your personal injury case and help get your future back on track. Call today to learn more about Hoffman Law Firm’s approach or to schedule your free consultation.

Call today to learn more about Hoffman Law Firm’s approach or to schedule your free consultation. 

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