What Are High Risk Jobs For COVID-19?

The pandemic put countless employees at risk, requiring many workers to take serious precautions. Some, of course, continue to face dangerous conditions in the workplace – especially employees whose job duties require contact with infected patients. Indeed, some hard workers unfortunately have to roll the dice as they work in high risk jobs for covid.

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OSHA: Occupational Risk Pyramid for COVID-19


Let’s begin with extremely high risk jobs for covid. Employees who face a high potential for COVID-19 exposure during medical, laboratory, or postmortem procedures are the most at risk. This includes healthcare workers as well as morgue personnel who perform procedures on people who had, or were suspected of having, COVID-19 when they died.


While at a slightly lower risk than the employees listed above, this category includes healthcare support and delivery workers, medical transporters, and mortuary workers who worked on the bodies of people who had or might have had COVID-19 at the time of death.


Employees whose jobs require close, frequent contact with potentially infected people face a medium risk of exposure. This typically includes workers who interact with the general public, like teachers, retail workers, grocery store employees, etc. It also includes people who have recently traveled to areas with widespread transmission.


Workers who do not have to work in close contact with others, both co-workers and the general public, face the lowest risk of COVID-19 infection.

Do Employees of High Risk COVID-19 Jobs Receive Workers’ Comp?

There is no simple answer. In most cases, Workers’ Compensation coverage does not extend to community-spread illnesses like the flu. That is because it is difficult to prove that you caught the illness at work. Some states make exceptions for chronic illnesses such as cancer that are caused by dangerous work conditions.

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, before the pandemic hit, at least 19 states had policies in place to protect firefighters and other first responders, offering coverage to those who develop lung and respiratory illnesses as a result of their work environment. There is uncertainty regarding policies’ application to the pandemic.

Keep in mind that COVID-19 created a dangerous workplace for many employees whose job would not otherwise be considered risky. Frontline workers, like medical professionals, grocery store employees, and mass transit operators, faced a risk like never before – just one aspect of life that changed due to COVID-19.

What Are My States’ COVID-19 Legislation? 

To adapt to the “new normal” we find ourselves in, some states have proposed legislation and specific regulations regarding Workers’ Compensation benefits. More states are taking action as well, working to put policies in place to address the situation.

To learn more about your state’s COVID-19 legislation, click here for more info with NCSL.

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