A Sponsorship Worthy of the Spotlight

Hoffman Law Firm is proud to support local organizations that are making an impact here in our community – like the Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre. Founded on the belief that every child has talent that’s waiting to be awakened, Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre gives students the opportunity to develop their acting, singing and dancing abilities.

But COVID-19 has caused financial hardship for many Charleston families, keeping some students from the stage. Hoffman Law Firm has stepped in, providing $5,000 in scholarships. These funds will assist eight deserving students whose families have been affected by the pandemic economy.

“Hoffman Law Firm’s generous sponsorship will enable Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre to produce quality performance opportunities for our students that, due to COVID-19 complications, were financially out of our reach. We would like to thank you for supporting young performers and helping them continue to build the confidence, character and professional skills that will open doors to bright futures.”

Michelle O’Donnel, Director of Operations.

Hoffman Law Firm is happy to help, and our South Carolina attorneys and staff can hardly wait for the day when we’ll be able to see these talented students step into the spotlight.

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