When to Sign a Workers’ Compensation Clincher Agreement

If you’ve been injured on the job, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company may offer a clincher agreement or full and final release. This quick settlement may seem like a great solution now – but the decision to accept should not be made hastily. Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our South Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorneys … Continued

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?

Injury victims often ask how long it will take to resolve their case and receive the compensation they are entitled to. While we wish we could provide an exact timeline for personal injury settlements, it is virtually impossible to do so.  Some cases take mere weeks, while others take years. It all depends on the … Continued

What to Know If You Are Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident

A car crash is a frightening ordeal, whether you’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. But getting the compensation you deserve as an injured passenger can be difficult – especially when both drivers blame the other. If you were hurt in a traffic accident as a passenger, it is important to have an … Continued

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Comp While Working From Home?

COVID-19 has transformed the way that businesses function, with many employees now working from home. Because a stroll to the home office has replaced a morning commute, it can be difficult to separate work from play – and to maintain a healthy balance while working remotely. But if you are injured during work hours, even … Continued

7 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have been injured on the job in Charleston, SC, it is important to avoid these common Workers’ Compensation claim mistakes: Waiting to notify your employer.While you technically have 90 days to inform your employer that you were injured on the job, waiting could impact the value of your Workers’ Comp case and make … Continued

A Sponsorship Worthy of the Spotlight

Hoffman Law Firm is proud to support local organizations that are making an impact here in our community – like the Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre. Founded on the belief that every child has talent that’s waiting to be awakened, Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre gives students the opportunity to develop their acting, singing and … Continued

Think Pink: Hoffman Law Firm Raises Awareness

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hoffman Law Firm has continued its longstanding tradition of painting the columns of its office pink. Pink for prevention. Pink for awareness.Pink in honor of lives lost – and of those still fighting. “I started this tradition the very first year I opened the firm,” says David Hoffman. … Continued

Driving Safely with Commercial Trucks on the Road

Truck accidents in Charleston are all too common. With motor vehicles sharing the road with large trucks, dangerous wrecks are often the unfortunate result.  Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our commercial truck accident attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to secure the compensation you deserve. But we also have some great advice for staying … Continued

How to Request Changes to an Accident Report

An accident report is written by a police officer to document a crash scene, detailing the damage and suggesting how it was caused. Insurance companies often rely on police reports when determining fault and awarding damages, so it is crucial that yours accurately reflects what happened. Unfortunately, human error comes into play. You may notice … Continued

Definitions of Common Personal Injury Terminology

If you’ve been hurt, trying to understand complicated legal jargon can add insult to injury – and make compensation feel out of reach. But Hoffman Law Firm is here to help! Our North Charleston personal injury lawyers can help translate the terms you need to know, ensuring you feel informed every step of the way. … Continued

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