Is Jaywalking Illegal in South Carolina?

Is jaywalking illegal in South Carolina? Traveling by foot offers both health and environmental benefits, but it is important to stay safe when you hit the pavement. While safety is a shared responsibility of pedestrians and drivers, it is crucial for walkers and bicycle riders to stay alert and stick to designated walkways. Because pedestrians … Continued

Sleep Deprivation and Driving: A Dangerous Combination

It is no secret that your sleeping habits impact your waking hours, affecting your productivity, mood, and concentration. Getting an adequate amount of shut-eye not only ensures you wake feeling refreshed, but reduces your risk of an auto accident when you get behind the wheel. Studies show that driving while tired can be incredibly dangerous. … Continued

What Are High Risk Jobs For COVID-19?

The pandemic put countless employees at risk, requiring many workers to take serious precautions. Some, of course, continue to face dangerous conditions in the workplace – especially employees whose job duties require contact with infected patients. Indeed, some hard workers unfortunately have to roll the dice as they work in high risk jobs for covid. Read … Continued

What Is the Role of Your Personal Injury Attorney? 

A personal injury attorney serves as an advocate for the injured, helping you navigate the legal system to ultimately recover the compensation you deserve. In most cases, our clients have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence – and our job is to hold that party accountable for the losses that result.  Here … Continued

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Federal Employees Who Get COVID-19? | COVID-19 & Workers’ Comp in 2022

While the pandemic affected every area of life, the American workforce experienced major shifts – with new protocols and updated legislature shaping the way we work. There has been some confusion involving Workers’ Compensation eligibility for employees infected with COVID-19, especially federal employees. Hoffman Law Firm is here to help, answering some common questions below. … Continued

Are Driver Assistance Technologies Preventing Car Accidents? 

Vehicle technology has improved significantly in the last decade, with a suite of innovative features now standard on most models. While people once solely relied on seatbelts and airbags to keep them safe, today’s drivers have access to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). However, is the technology preventing car accidents? – Let’s examine! Is New Auto … Continued

What If I Get COVID-19 at Work? | COVID-19 & Workers’ Comp in 2022

Workers’ Compensation offers assistance to employees who suffer illness or injury as a result of their job. The pandemic kept countless workers at home, leaving many wondering if they can file a Workers’ Comp claim for contracting COVID-19 at their workplace. Read on to learn more about South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation laws, and how these … Continued

Evidence: Your Personal Injury Case Depends on it

Personal injury cases vary greatly in nature, and are often quite complex. While there is no exact template, recovering compensation requires that a certain legal process is followed. One vital component – personal injury case evidence. The burden of proof rests on the injury victim, requiring them to prove the following in order to hold … Continued

Will a Occupational Disease Be Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

Workplace conditions can result in serious illnesses, putting employees’ lives at risk. Exposure to toxic chemicals or materials is often to blame, with South Carolina workers developing occupational diseases as a result. So how do occupational disease & workers’ compensation cases work? Let us explain! If you became ill as a direct result of your job … Continued

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