Hydroplaning Car Accident: Who Is at Fault?

Inclement weather conditions can make driving a challenge. From heavy rain to icy roadways, the forecast can have a serious impact on travel. In fact, 70% of weather-related wrecks, such as hydroplaning car accidents, occur on wet pavement.

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What Is Hydroplaning?  

Hydroplaning occurs when water causes your vehicle’s tires to lose contact with the road. This loss of traction is related to vehicle speed, with a significant reduction in traction as speed increases. Tire tread depth also plays a role, making it crucial that your tires are in good condition. Water depth is another factor to consider, with deeper water causing tires to lose traction more quickly. 

Who Is At Fault? 

Every driver has a duty to drive reasonably and keep their vehicle under control. If another driver hits you or your family after hydroplaning, the details are very important. Most of the time, hydroplaning is the result of not paying attention or driving too fast for the conditions. Today, vehicles are equipped with an ECM data recorder or “black box.” These data recorders can tell how fast someone was driving, whether they used their brakes and what movements were made on the steering wheel. Eyewitnesses can also establish the cause for these types of collisions. Hiring an attorney right away that can handle these types of cases is vitally important.

How to Prevent a Hydroplaning Accident

Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our car accident lawyers have handled a wide variety of auto wreck cases – and we are eager to put our experience to work for you! Our team recommends the following to prevent hydroplaning accidents:

  1. Reduce your speed.
    Hydroplaning is most likely to occur when drivers exceed 35mph.
  2. Properly maintain your tires.
    Check tire tread, pressure, and alignment regularly to ensure your tires are in tip-top shape.
  3. Select quality tires.
    Be sure to choose tires with your location and driving habits in mind, so that they provide top performance year-round.
  4. Never use cruise control when It’s raining.
    Keeping control of your vehicle is best when roadways are wet.
  5. Steer clear of large puddles or any standing water.
    Even a thin layer of water can cause you to hydroplane. Also, keep in mind that standing water may be much deeper than it appears.

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Traveling during wet weather conditions can be risky, so remember to stay calm and follow the tips outlined above. 

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