Take Photos For Evidence After Your Car Accident in Charleston

As offices reopen and welcome employees back, commuter drive times are on the rise – and the inevitable influx of tourists in the months to come will only add more vehicles to the mix. No matter how cautiously you drive, it’s no secret that more cars on the road means more accidents. 

Here at Hoffman Law Firm, LLC, our Charleston auto accident attorneys believe it is important to know what to do following a wreck, just in case one occurs. Calling the police and receiving medical attention should be your top priorities – but taking photos of the scene is also critically important. 

Why Are Photos of A Car Accident Important? 

If you have been injured in a car accident, photos of the scene are incredibly valuable to your case – especially in determining who was at fault. Photos can show the following:

  • The cause of the accident
  • Contributing factors (weather/road conditions, etc)
  • Extent of injuries
  • Extent of vehicle/property damage

How Photos Of Your Auto Accident Can Help Your Case 

Because memories can be unreliable, especially in the chaos following an auto accident, photos can be used to strengthen your case. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words – and can therefore serve as reliable evidence when filing an insurance claim.

How To Take Car Accident Pictures 

Be sure to take pictures of the following:

Property Damage

Document damage, both interior and exterior, of all vehicles involved. Include photos of damage to any belongings inside the vehicles as well as damage to road signs, guardrails, etc. 


Take photos of your injuries as soon as possible, and also document them as you heal. Remember that some injuries, such as bruises, will not be immediately visible.


Document road signs and traffic lights to prove that they were present. Also take photos of skid marks or road debris that result from your auto accident.

Other People at the Scene

This includes witnesses, other drivers involved, their passengers and police officers. This will help you remember who was at the scene in case your auto accident attorney wishes to contact them.

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