Road Rage and Car Accidents: The Danger of Anger

Road rage has affected nearly every driver – sometimes expressed by a frustrated horn honk, tailgating, or deliberate brake checking. While it may seem harmless, allowing anger to impact your driving can have deadly impacts, especially when aggression leads you to take risks you normally wouldn’t. 

Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers have handled a wide variety of car accident cases, including those involving road rage. To help keep Lowcountry locals safe behind the wheel, we’ve provided some helpful details about road rage below.

Road Rage Statistics  

The majority of drivers – a staggering 82% – admit to committing an act of road rage in the last year (2019). These instances of aggressive driving are responsible for 66% of traffic fatalities, and even more alarmingly, 30 murders each year. Unfortunately, fatal accidents related to aggressive driving have skyrocketed 500% in the last decade, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How to Diffuse Road Rage

If you anger another driver on the road, diffusing the situation is the best way to avoid a potentially serious car wreck. Our personal injury lawyers recommend giving the aggressive driver plenty of space to pass you and then continuing to drive responsibly. Stay calm and do not engage. If the other driver’s road rage persists and you feel that you are in danger, call the police immediately.

If Road Rage Leads to an Accident…Then Do This 

If you have been involved in a road rage accident, Hoffman Law Firm offers the following advice:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow the doctor’s treatment plan.
  • Do not communicate with the insurance company or accept a settlement offer before speaking to your local car accident lawyer.
  • Stay off social media.
  • Consult a local attorney with experience handling cases like yours.

Seeking a Good Charleston Car Accident Lawyer Near Me, Contact Hoffman Law Firm

Road rage can affect anyone, and oftentimes your heated response seems perfectly warranted. But it’s important to remember that acting on your anger in the moment can have lifelong impacts.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by road rage, our South Carolina personal injury law firm can help! Hoffman Law Firm is conveniently located in North Charleston, SC, and our team is proud to serve accident victims throughout the Palmetto State.

Plus, you only pay us if we win your case.

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