What to Do If Your Car Accident Claim Is Denied

Whether you’re involved in a minor fender bender or a devastating crash, a car accident always makes an impact. It’s often assumed that auto insurance will cover the cost of medical bills and vehicle repairs, but valid claims get denied every day. 

When you’re recovering from a personal injury or dealing with costly repairs, news that your claim was denied presents yet another obstacle to overcome – and another hassle to deal with.

The car accident lawyers at Hoffman Law Firm will help secure the compensation you deserve, including common types of damages like medical payment coverage and reimbursement for vehicle repairs. Get started today with a free consultation!

Reasons a Claim May Be Denied

A claims adjuster may deny your claim because of:

  • Lack of evidence: Not enough proof of physical injury or property damage
  • Failure to file on time: Didn’t file within 3 years of the accident
  • Damages exceed the insurance policy’s limits: Underinsured motorist coverage may be necessary if medical costs exceed bodily injury liability coverage or repairs exceed vehicle insurance coverage
  • Evidence that you were driving under the influence: Claim may be barred because of alcohol or drug use
  • False statements were made: Proof that conflicting accounts or untrue details were given

If a supposed lack of evidence is keeping you from the compensation you deserve, Hoffman Law Firm can help. Our car accident lawyers will search for additional evidence to strengthen your case before filing a claim – and we’ll handle all communications with the auto insurance company as well. 

How Insurance Companies Avoid a Payout

Car insurance companies operate like any business, always protecting their bottom line with a close eye on profitability. In order to avoid a payout, some may even resort to “bad faith tactics” that result in a denied car accident claim.

To avoid paying damages from a car wreck, a car insurance company may:

  • Ignore your demand letter
  • Wrongfully deny your claim or terminate your insurance coverage
  • Delay payment (for no legitimate reason)
  • Lower the value of your accident claim

If you suspect that the insurer’s claims are false or that they’ve employed “bad faith tactics,” trust Hoffman Law Firm to advocate for you. Our team of car accident lawyers here in Charleston, SC can help you take action, especially if you’re interested in suing for a denied claim.

What to Do If Your Claim Is Denied

There are three potential courses of action if your car accident claim was denied:

  • Write a letter to your car insurance company: Be sure to provide documentation to support your appeal.
  • File a “bad faith” insurance claim against the insurance company: Hire an experienced insurance claim lawyer to determine if you have a valid claim.
  • Sue the other party involved: If the other driver was at fault, your attorney may recommend this option.

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance can help pay for medical costs up to your coverage’s limit, and can offer some much-needed financial relief while your case is being resolved.

Trust Your Hoffman Law Firm Car Accident Lawyers

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