The Rise in Drivers Speeding Has Not Slowed Down

More COVID cases, fewer cars on the road. The pandemic may have decreased traffic, but it had the opposite impact on the number of fatalities. In fact, data shows that the number of highway deaths in 2020 reached its highest in more than a decade – despite drivers traveling 13.2% fewer miles overall.

Some drivers may have taken advantage of the open roads – with speeding and reckless driving likely to blame for the 7.2% rise in car crash deaths nationwide. (National Safety Council estimates)

This spike in speeding – the leading cause of fatal car accidents –  and aggressive driving could prove even more deadly during vacation travel season as many families hit the road. Traffic volume has increased again, but many irresponsible drivers have not taken their foot off the gas.

Speed increases both the risk of having a crash, as well as the severity of the auto accident. Driving over the speed limit has the following implications:

  • You need more time to react and avoid a car crash.
  • Your vehicle takes longer to stop.
  • The impact of a crash, including property damage, is more severe.
  • The likelihood of death or serious personal injury increases.

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South Carolina Ranks High for Speeding Drivers  

South Carolina drivers rank fourth in the U.S. for the most speeding tickets, according to a 2020 study by Insurify, an auto and home insurance comparison website.

Here in the Palmetto State, 15.47% of drivers reportedly have a speeding violation in their driving history – compared to the national average of 10.54%. No wonder it seems like there are car accidents every day here at home in Charleston County!

From congested highways to impatient drivers, the risk is high. Be sure to take precautions when driving in Charleston, SC, such as buckling up and obeying the speed limit.

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