How to Share the Road with Bicyclists & Prevent Accidents

bicycle safety awareness with damaged bike after bicycle accident on road

We often see signs telling us to “share the road” with cyclists, but rarely does it feel safe to do. Many people are biking more these days to save money and get exercise, so it’s important to know how cyclists and drivers can safely coexist on the road. Here, we offer tips on better bicycle safety for both drivers and bicyclists.

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The Driver’s Responsibility

When there is a “share the road” sign posted, a bike lane, or cyclists present, it’s important for drivers to understand their responsibility on the road. 

Give cyclists room: A bike lane isn’t always present, so when a bicyclist is sharing the lane with you, give them room for their safety and yours. If you need to pass, use the other lane, and pass with caution.

Avoid tailgating cyclists: Bicyclists have the same rights on the road as drivers do, so if there’s a cyclist present, give them the same respect you’d give another driver. Even though a cyclist is moving slower than you, give them enough room to safely use the lane.

The bicycle lane is for cyclists only: A common cause of bicycling accidents is drivers using the bicycle lane for various reasons. Refrain from using the bike lane as the shoulder of the road to avoid hazards or make a right turn. Respecting the bicycle lane and assuming it is being used by cyclists at all times can help prevent accidents.

Bicycle Safety

As a cyclist, it’s important to know the rules of the road to help yourself stay safe during a ride, promote bicycle safety and help prevent accidents.

Ride two cyclists wide: If you’re riding with friends, remember you cannot ride more than two cyclists wide in the lane.

Keep it lit: When riding in the dark, cyclists must have a white light on the front of the bicycle and a red light on the back of the bicycle. You must be visible to traffic 500 feet away. It’s also best to wear a brightly colored vest at any time of day.

Brakes are mandatory: It is illegal to ride on the road with a bicycle that does not have brakes. Before each ride, check your brakes to ensure they are working properly.

Both hands on the handlebars: For many cyclists, their bicycle is their chosen form of transportation. While it’s normal to carry objects or packages in a bike’s basket, cyclists are not allowed to carry a package or load that prevents them from having both hands on the handlebars.

Stay alert: Distracted cycling is just as dangerous as distracted driving. Do not use headphones while biking and maintain your lane. Do not ride in an unpredictable manner or weave in and out of lanes. 

You’re just another vehicle: It’s important to use the road as if you’re just another vehicle. Ride with traffic, not against it, and as far to the right as possible. Remember to follow all regular traffic rules. 

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