Who’s To Blame For A Commercial Truck Accident in South Carolina?

Trucking accident cases are very complex, with more parties involved than those who were present at the crash scene. Because of the complicated nature of these cases, it is important to have an experienced South Carolina truck accident attorney on your side.

At Hoffman Law Firm, our team of South Carolina attorneys understand the unique set of rules and regulations that apply to truck drivers. We also have the resources necessary to determine who is to blame – and to ensure they are held liable for your commercial truck accident.

Semi-Truck Accident Liability in South Carolina

While the semi-truck driver may have been behind the wheel at the time of the accident, there are multiple parties who could potentially be to blame. Was the truck improperly loaded? Poorly maintained? Was the driver inadequately trained?

In addition to the truck driver, one (or more) of the following parties could be held liable:

  • The trucking company
  • The truck maintenance company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The shipping/loading company

According to federal regulations, trucking companies are responsible for their drivers. The only exception is when the driver is an independent contractor. In that case, the trucking company itself is not liable for the truck driver’s actions.

Determining Fault After a Trucking Accident in South Carolina

Proving who caused an accident between a tractor trailer and a motor vehicle can be extremely difficult. That’s why drivers are not advised to tackle the task alone. Keep in mind that trucking companies have legal teams at the ready to defend their drivers – and more importantly, protect their reputations.

Before filing a truck accident claim or speaking to the insurance company, contact Hoffman Law Firm. Our team of commercial truck accident attorneys is here to help. From black box data and driver logs to eyewitness statements and accident reconstructions, we will gather every piece of evidence available to determine who caused your semi-truck crash.

What If I Am Partially to Blame?

If the motor vehicle driver and truck driver share responsibility for the accident, the insurance company will often assign a percentage of the blame to each. As long as you are deemed less than 50% responsible, you are still eligible for compensation. The amount of damages, however, will be reduced according to your percentage of fault.

South Carolina Trucking Accident Lawyers 

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