Is it Wise to Release My Medical Records in a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

medical records and medicine being discussed by doctor and patient

Workers’ Compensation claims can be complicated, especially if your injuries require extensive medical treatment. Certain details must be disclosed to the insurance company, but disclosing too much information could negatively impact your case. It’s feel uneasy speaking about medical records and workers’ comp.

Walking this fine line is often difficult – but you do not need to take a single step alone. 

Here at Hoffman Law Firm, our Charleston Workers’ Compensation lawyers will handle all communication with the insurance carrier. We will grant access to your medical records, providing your employer’s insurer with necessary details about your injury and treatment. This will help them determine if your injury qualifies for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Keep in mind that the insurer is only entitled to medical records pertaining to that specific work-related injury.

The insurance company will also likely request a recorded statement. Because your statement could be used against you, never provide one after your workplace accident. Their attempt to record a statement may be disguised as a friendly question about your recovery, but remember, the insurance company is NOT on your side.

Medical Records & Workers’ Comp: Documentation Is Key 

Most evidence needed to complete a Workers’ Compensation claim is well documented – including accident reports, employment records, eyewitness statements and medical records. This thorough documentation is vital to build a successful case.

Our South Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyers typically ask injured workers the following:

  • What type of work do you do? 
  • How were you injured at work?
  • Do you have documentation of the medical care and diagnosis you received? 
  • Did your doctor provide an order not to return to work?
  • Did you notify your employer that you had been injured?
  • What medical care have you received since your injury?
  • Did your injury cause any physical limitations?
  • How has your workplace injury impacted your ability to perform your job?
  • How has it affected your everyday life outside of work?

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At Hoffman Law Firm, our injury lawyers understand that a workplace accident impacts both your present and your future. Our first priority is ensuring you receive the medical care you need – and the compensation you deserve. After your workplace injury, contact us immediately.

Our team also handles general personal injury claims, and we are here to advocate for you. Just see what people are saying about us throughout the years to valid our experience and professionalism. Trust our personal injury attorneys will fight for the damages you are entitled to, such as medical expenses, lost wages, partial or total disability, etc. 

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